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Black Dahlia Murder Story
The derivation of decryptions shown below is in Chapter 5.
These decryptions comprise a trilogy. Ed is telling a Black Dahlia murder story via his trilogy.

I/Ed or Heirens [is] Dahlia's now. Bet on George [Murman]/Heirens murdering her. Letter to follow.

Elizabeth Short and Ed B. are in a triangle.

Ed, George [Murman], and Betty are in a triangle.

Bett was killed and bisected in The Hirsh Apts

Ed is saying that the Dahlia and Heirens had become an item. Hence the Dahlia was transmogrified into Suzanne Degnan. Ed did the makeover with his syndrome of allusions. He went bonkers when he was rejected by the Dahlia while she still was "heroizing" Heirens. And Heirens' hero quotient in Ed's mind was enhanced by the Dahlia's intent to quickly depart LA for Chicago. Betty didn't know it, but she was doomed from the instant Ed heard "Chicago" during their January 9 talkfest. Ed knew he'd lose the love of his life forever if his gypsy girl went east. And the ego-bashing zinger was that he'd have lost to we-know-whom. Ed's show site was his way to say: "You want to carry on with Heirens? Then do it in your old Degnan Boulevard lovers' lane, as Suzanne." Ed's primary message for Betty: "You wanted to dump me for Heirens, so I helped you do it. And you got what you had coming. Heirens sent for George Murman, and it was a ditto of the Suzanne Degnan murder." And Ed's insane jealousy transcended Heirens. It also was a sick jealousy of address-book guys, focused on Heirens/Murder Man, Betty's Hero Man.

Elizabeth Short and Ed B. were in a triangle.

Heirens, George Murman, and Suzanne Degnan, in parallel 'w Ed, had Murder Man fun at police: Ed Burns murdering Suzanne Degnan [while] George Murman/Heirens murdered the Black Dahlia.

Ed is implying that losing his ladylove to Heirens and changing her to Suzanne Degnan had flipped him out. He's saying that it had been as if he and Elizabeth Short were reliving the Degnan Murder with/as the original cast . . .

Ed, the Dahlia and [Degnan Hero] George Murman were in a triangle. Ed "won" and. to proclaim victory, displayed the Black Dahlia remains in a
Degnan Boulevard lovers lane.

Have [regained] my mind, you/LAPD. [This was] not George Murman and Suzanne Degnan. Dahlia Murder I did was just, if I [am] Ed.

I/Ed killed and bisected the Dahlia in a hotel at 300 East Washington.

Have changed my mind [about] why you would not give me sex.
[Your] murder, which I committed, was justified.

Hi, Ed, looks like you made it back. But did you go nuts, or are you working on an insanity defense, just in case?
About the sex part: ya came up Short? Take a cold shower!

The Where and/is the Why of the Bisection
. . . And truly speaking the truth for Elizabeth Short . . .

The hotel manager joked about thinking Ed was dead. Ed and I had been there before. Guests often leave their rooms. If Ed had left the room for two days, or had moved his car so the managers would think he'd left, there'd've been no material for the "dead" joke. What was different this time? The car was there, no answer from room, "Do Not Disturb" was on the door, for 40 solid hours. Ed told a manager we'd just moved out of Hollywood. So he had two suitcases and one dreamy idea. Once I had him clued in about his pipedream, the trouble began. OK, I had led Ed on about moving in with him. But he'd been dishonest, too. He'd try to hug me. I'd stop him and say I cared for him, but not in that way. I'd say I didn't want him to get hurt again. He'd say he understood, and it didn't matter. Well, it did matter. I'd had guys get angry at me, but this guy! He got teary-eyed and his face got red and he was saying nutty things. He went psycho when I said I was going to Chicago to model hats for a man I met there. Ed glared and said I was going back to . . . It's too insane to repeat . . . So before I knew it, I was coming to on the rug, tied up and gagged. He'd bopped me on the head. And he'd had the rope and some knives in a suitcase! It was like he'd planned to do this if I got cold feet again. Ed knew my San Diego fling was my way to duck moving in with him the last time. He acted weird the day I left, so I knew he was mad about it. But this? I should've gotten more money from Gordon and gone right to Chicago from San Diego . . . Anyway, Ed would murder me in the hotel room and he'd use the bath in our room for his cutwork. He'd cut me in half at my waist. Each half of me would be a perfect suitcase fit, with my limbs folded. He'd carry me out in the suitcases; it wouldn't look unusual; folks do carry luggage out of hotel rooms; nobody near 300 East Washington would know that one of the most macabre murders in LA history was happening right under their noses. The managers did get antsy, in the wee hours of January 14. That was why Ed would try three Harbor District motels. He'd have suitcases with him. He had more allusions to do. Ed probably gave up and went back and finished his art at "our" hotel. It's not far from 39th and Norton. We had been seen there. If he'd tried to sign in as "Barnes and wife" at another place he might've goofed and signed his real name. It barnes Ed up when that happens . . . I told you it was as if he'd had the murder planned. Now that I've had time to reflect on it, I'm sure he'd planned it. When we were together on January 9, I told him I was thinking of going to Chicago but I needed money for train fare. When Ed heard me say "Chicago" he bristled. But he cooled off and told me to think about it for a few days; if I decided I did want to go to Chicago, then he'd loan me the money I needed. When we checked into our hotel room Sunday, he knew I'd want to go back to Chicago . . . He knew he was going to murder me! Ed trapped me . . .

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The Edifying Connection . . .
APD is mum about steady post-Fickling Dahlia beaus. Well, she had one. His name was Ed Burns. Ed outwitted himself and told us: this is explained in "Guess Who" in Chapter 5.
The "unID'd man" in the photos with Betty was Ed . . .
The man checked into the hotel as "Barnes." The managers ID'd him. Hoteliers in San Pedro and Lomita ID'd him. "UnID'd man" was LAPD code for "Red-hot Black Dahlia murder suspect."
UnID'd Man's mug was like a rabbity caricature. Ed was razzed about his Bugs Bunny countenance. Fox-fan Betty was hanging with two rabbits? That's as unlikely as two Dahlia murders. And about the one photo of Betty and UnID'd Man that Ed mailed with Betty's belongings . . . Ed wanted LAPD to think he'd found it in Betty's purse. But an identical shot was found in Betty's luggage. These pix were taken in a session paid for by UnID'd Man; he would have cherished photos of Betty; so he had copies of the photos. Would Betty have wanted more than one of any of these pictures? Did the Matt Gordon US Army Air Corps wings she's doming in the photos come from UnID'd Man? No, no. Bet on: UnID'd Man mailing his copy of the photo, for reverse psychology. Ed was UnID'd Man.

Mutilation Miscellany
Ed was awed by Betty Short's profile. He remarked on her cute upturned nose and her pretty mouth, he admired her breasts. Ed contoured his leporine mouth into Betty's. But the remains also had a 1/4"-long gouge in each side of the nose. And both breasts were marred. The symmetric damage would spoil profile beauty of any live-or-eternal Dahlia. It served that purpose. But there was more to it than that, as is explicated later in the section entitled "The Night Mare."
Burns made a gash in Betty's abdomen. Why? Dahlia-murder buffs have speculated long and hard on this one. The brain-blowing why is bared in "The Night Mare" section.
Betty's anus was gapingly dilated. Mime-maker Ed was telling the taxed autopsist: "It's more expansive than kinky, it's 'anal retentive.' You'll find a tuft of pubic hair in her rectum, a rose garden in her vagina. This lady wasn't sodomized, she was Suzannized. George Murman was a bad boy." And as is revealed in "The Night Mare" section, this lady was also "equinized": the Blach Dahlia was transformed to a Black Beauty. Ed Burns was a bad boy.

Ed and the French Informant
On her first day in San Diego, Betty Short went into the Aztec Theatre to see The Blue Dahlia. She'd befriend the young cashier, Dorothy French, and live with her family for a month.
By one day after Jane Doe #1 was ID'd, LAPD knew that Betty's last boyfriend worked in a Long Beach hospital. LAPD had gotten the info from Dorothy's mom, Elvera. Man's name: "not released by authorities." The man, Ed Burns, would be LAPD's he-dun-it Dahlia man. Pundits have characterized '47 LAPD cops as bunglers in blue who were bullied by the press. So why is the public still in the dark about Ed Burns? It's time for revelation that'll bring the Black Dahlia some justice!

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