NOTE: This section is based on information found in the FBI files
obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings.
These files are available HERE

. . . Ed Burns is Main Man in the File . . .

The FBI never was officially involved in investigating the Black Dahlia murder. But the Bureau had a de facto involvement in the case, almost from day one. Via fingerprints, the FBI ID'd the victim, Elizabeth Short. Via an informant, the Bureau ID'd the killer, Ed Burns. The Bureau did the background investigation, and more, on Ed Burns: this answers a perplexing question. More on this later.

A January 17 LA Herald item contains this text: "The trail of the murderer led to Long Beach where detectives combed the beach city for a 'hot' suspect known to be the victim's latest boy friend." Well, LAPD lawmen looked for naught: by the time of the crime, according to the FBI file, hot-suspect, latest-beau Ed Burns no longer resided in the LA Harbor area. This provided material for an alibi. This will be clarified later . . .

This section of The Black Dahlia Solution is segmented as follows:
    1. The Karma
    2. The Man
    3. The Background
    4. The Means
    5. The Murder/Alibi

Burns cunningly manufactured an alibi. The murder and alibi are inseparably interwoven. Ed planned his Black Dahlia alibi as carefully as he'd planned all other components of his arcane riddle. This old-theme, new-twist alibi is unmistakable Ed Burns, and is why The Means is in the list.

We've examined the abattoir aspect of the HIRSH. The main focus of entry #5 is on the alibi aspect of the HIRSH. It will be shown that the HIRSH was as much a time chamber as a torture chamber.

The FBI-file data adds dimension to Solution that is unattainable with allusion translation and message decipherment, alone. And Solution does wonders for FBI Black Dahlia-file info. Eyed with the Solution lens, a previously out-of-focus alibi is in sharp focus. The FBI file reveals that a time window "kinda appeared" before Ed in January 1947. Window area: 10th through 15th. Through Solution, we know Ed branded "J 15," January 15, on a live Dahlia. This brand bares preplanning . . . Via Solution, we see through the window.

In exposing Ed Burns' alibi, the FBI file inadvertently enabled redefinition of an oddity. In The Night Mare, we dealt with forehead artwork. We referred to a part of this artwork as a "frill." This frill is actually an ironic allusion. An explication of this allusion is in The Murder/Alibi.

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