Edification for an LA Times Newsman . . .

This edification is beneficial to Black Dahlia buffs in general . . .

Larry Harnisch, a newsman for the LA Times, is a Black Dahlia-murder buff, and the sitemaster of a Dahlia-case-related website. Mr. Harnisch used Amazon.com as a forum to review/attack an allegedly true 1994 book on the Dahlia murder. Harnisch then utilized his website in bashing a purportedly true 2003 publication on the Dahlia murder. Now Mr. Harnisch is trying to slam the Black Dahlia Solution website via his site. Befuddled by foibles, Harnisch's first two targets offered little or no response. His third target is a different animal . . .
Solution ostensibly shrinks Mr. Harnisch's comfort zone. It's as if Harnisch sees his "do not bother me with facts" quirk as a virtue. His attacks on Solution belie his purpose, and betray his ignorance as to content of Solution. Solution is what its title claims. I think Mr. Harnisch should abandon his ostrich-head behavior and get up to speed on the Black Dahlia Solution.

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The intent of Edification is to replace fallacies imparted by Harnisch's Solutional ignorance with truth, and to Edify Mr. Harnisch with facts.

* * *


Mr. Harnisch made an asinine assertion about Ed Burns. The asininity relates to a list of LAPD's Black Dahlia-murder suspects. Hmmmmmm . . . The Dahlia case is an open murder case. LAPD is super-secretive about this case. And LAPD allowed a list of Dahlia-murder suspects to slip into public purview(?) To say that a thinking person would take this list seriously is moronic and oxymoronic . . .
Do not follow the bouncing blue ball. LAPD never solved the solvable Black Dahlia case. Ed Burns was. He was the Dahlia killer. He told us he was, in his trilogy. Ed fully spelled out his name for us: once in his trilogy, once in his suicide note. Ed encrypted his fully spelled-out name in "Maurrice," the Dahlia's main beau during her Chancellor Apartments days. Ed B branded his EB initials on the Dahlia's forehead. Ed is "Edwin Burns" in at least two "true-crime" publications dealing with the Dahlia case

. . . Once upon a time, a frogback-rider-wannabe scorpion told a frog, "I won't sting you." Once upon a pond, the scorpion stung the frog. The fading frog said, "Now you drown, you fool!" The sinking scorpion replied, "You're the fool: I'm a scorpion!"
Once upon a time, Harnisch used scorpionesque expediency to the advantage of Solution. He used one of the photo-booth shots to show that Dr. George Hodel wasn't the man who'd checked into The HIRSH Apts., with the Dahlia. But the snapshot also showed that Dr. Walter Bayley wasn't the man who'd checked in with the Dahlia. So who was the man who had checked into The HIRSH Apts., with the Dahlia, three days after her Biltmore ruse? Ed Burns was the man: Ed was the guy in the photo with the Dahlia. Ed told us he was, when he told us the Black Dahlia abattoir was The HIRSH Apts. And the HIRSH was not a "motel," as Mr. Harnisch erroneously stated . . .
Most Black Dahlia buffs have heard the nonsense about LAPD Dahlia-file contents being pilfered by "souvenir hunters" . . . Well, it ain't rocket science. Common sense tells me . . . Detective-Sergeant Harry Hansen knew the Dahlia case should have been closed in '47. Harry's man: Ed Burns. LAPD didn't keep hush-hush Dahlia-case data in a grab bag. When Hansen retired, potentially embarassing Ed Burns data departed LAPD premises with Hansen, not with souvenir hunters.
The day LAPD admits that Ed Burns was their likely Dahlia-murder suspect will be the day they admit that Ed was the "unID'd man" in the photo-booth shots. And that'll be the day they close the Black Dahlia case!


Time magazine referred to the 1946 Suzanne Degnan dismemberment murder as: "The crime story of the century." Elizabeth Short was profoundly obsessed with the Suzanne Degnan murder and Sue's murderer, William Heirens. Siting of Dahlia remains was one of several elements of a Degnan-murder mimetism which included a cryptic trilogy. The trilogy theme was/is: "Degnan Murder." I have street medicine for Mr. Harnisch's foot-in-mouth malady. Two street maps are in the trilogy. Harnisch is conveniently ignorant of these maps. Map 1 defines streets and Red Car tracks in the locality that harbors the lot. Map 1 plots and labels: Norton, Grayburn, Edgehill, Degnan, 39th, Coliseum, Exposition, Rodeo, and P.E.RY. Map 2 utilizes 39th as a reference, and plots and labels only Degnan and Norton. Dahlia-killer Ed Burns did this to fix our foci on these two streets and the fact that Norton and Degnan fork off of a southerly stem: Degnan. Norton is one of two Degnan branches. Grayburn and Edgehill are irrelevant. Map 2 plots a Degnan-theme love triangle to tell us why Liz and Beth were displayed on a branch of Degnan, in a lovers' lane.
Mr. Harnisch's folly includes east-west tunnel perception. Forked Dahlia stems pointed southward, toward the Degnan fork. Ed Burns used the Dahlia's legs to tell us something like: "Go one block south on this street, and the street name changes from ' Norton' to ' Degnan.' That's a clue in this murder."
Is it enough to say that Ed told us many things that sailed over many heads?



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