The Doomed Duo

Who is that guy? If we asked him, he might say: "Who am I? A burning question with a smoking answer! LAPD has been referring to me as 'unID'd man' for more than fifty years, and I've been here in the Great Beyond for almost as long. You're on to me so I'll tell you my name. And I'll do it with a riddle. They called me a werewolf. I actually was a riddler and a mimicker during my time on earth. My darkest mimicry was a nightmare for thousands of people. Anyway, I'm not Edd 'Kookie' Byrnes of 77 Sunset Strip, the old hit TV show. My reelingly big show was a smash hit on 'Forty-seven Sunset Strip. And what did the fuzzies call it? LAPD called it lust murder, and most folks took LAPD's word for it. Had LAPD dug it as I defiled it, they should have been able to decipher my trilogy and arrest me. To me, it was a Suzanne Degnan Murder Tableau in a Degnan Boulevard lovers' lane, with Elizabeth Short as Suzanne Degnan. And where was I in this Madame Tussaud-genre artwork? That's where my published trilogy came in: its purpose was to put me in the scene while keeping me out of range of LAPD's case-cracking radar. I was in the secret story, in parallel with William Heirens, George Murman, Suzanne Degnan and the Black Dahlia. The cryptic trilogy was my magic carpet ride into eternity with Elizabeth Short. But you can take the trilogy as a souvenir program for the tableau..."

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