The Data Source

Data processed in sections The "Suzanne" Data and The Night Mare comes
from two Black Dahlia morgue photos which appeared on the Internet. But where did
said Internet morgue photos come from: the LA DA files or the LAPD files? Well, John
Gilmore had a Xeroxy copy of one of the morgue shots in his 1994 Severed. John had
the same Xeroxy shot and a good copy of the face/forehead morgue shot in his 1998
Severed. Someone was acquiring copies of the morgue photos eight years before the
Los Angeles District Attorney Black Dahlia-case files were opened. So the Internet
morgue shots probably came from the LAPD files, not the LA DA files.

          The Pubic-Area "Suzanne" Data: Definitive Degnan

With the help of carefully exposed, 2:1 magnified Xerox'ing, the morgue photo
of concern shows that the Black Dahlia's pubic region abounded in concealment

To set the symbolic theme, a large "Suzanne" is clearly written and cleverly
hidden in the upper portion of the region.

A "D" and an "N" clearly label two correctly oriented lines/streets as "Degnan"
and "Norton," respectively. 
Three readily recognizable symbol-pairs are clearly drawn and utilized in the
encryption: a spike and a star; a diamond and a heart; a hex nut and a clothes-
pressing iron.
The spike/star is to the left of the diamond/heart. And the diamond
touches the heart, the heart touches the iron, the hex nut is on the iron. The iron
has a "+" on it. The Suzanne-steered decryption is:
"Spike" and "star" are S-words. The "S" is "Suzanne." Now we are primed to
perceive "diamond" as a D-word, with "D" for "Degnan." So what gives with the
heart? A heart conjures up a valentine, and/or love. And a Norton-line appendage
penetrates and ends up inside the heart. Here is a clue. Think "Degnan love with
Norton in it." What fits this description? "Degnan [Boulevard] love[ers' lane]" is a
perfect fit. "Suzanne" is in a Degnan Boulevard lovers' lane. Why? Let's decrypt
some more. What's left? A hex nut and an iron. A plus sign is on the iron. OK,
let's add "iron" to "hex." We get "hexiron." We will X out the "x." Now, we have
"heiron"/"Heirens." The iron touches the heart. Now we know why the "Suzanne
doll" is in the Degnan Boulevard lovers' lane: to be an eternal lover with William
Heirens. And there's more . . .

Hidden at the top of the region: a huge 5 with a small 2 to the right of it, plus
another, almost ghostly, small 2 to the right of the 1st 2. The encryptor wanted
thinking decryptors to perceive a 5 2 and a 5 22. The size disparity enhances the
obfuscation. These numbers are to be used as alphabetic indices. We're handed
a clue to this effect, lower in the cryptography. The Norton and Degnan lines form
a "V." This darkened "V" is sectioned. In the top section is a tiny 5:2 combo that
mimics the big 5:2 at the top of the area. The next section contains a "V" with an
underlined "22" to the right of it. "V" is the same Victory "V" that appeared twice
in the 3rd Dahlia message, paired with an "e/E." "V" also is the 22nd letter in the
alphabet. We're clued in: use the 5 and the 2 in that order, as alphabetic indices.
We come up with "E" and "B," or "E B." Hmmmmmm . . . Who had a name with
"E B" initials? Ed Burns alias Mr. Barnes alias Maurice Clement.

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